Collagen body wave


Special Collagen Body Wave Unlimited Monthly $99

Revive Your Natural Collagen with The First Total Body Rejuvenating Treatment. Everyday

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our body loses collagen in our skin due to day to day pollution. Some of the main effected areas are the Face, Neck, Chest and Hands Our bodywave helps to replace the natural collagen lost, and replenishes the elasticity in our skin which helps combat the signs of aging. The Collagen Bodywave looks just like a stand up sunbed. It contains no UVA, just pure collagen light waves. These light waves help in Muscle toning, tissue drainage, burning calories, slimming and firming, bone strengthening and a total feeling of well-being. All of this is achieved in a pain-free and non-invasive treatment.

New Red Light therapy Skin rejuvenation:

Collagen Activator 633 nm are specific tubes, conceived to emit a very narrow frequency band focused on 633 nm. Instead of other technologies for skin re-juvenation (Laser, IPL), photo-stimulation by Collagen Activator 633 nm tubes works without temperature increase and without damaging any tissue. Emitted light is red, athermic and suitable for all kinds of skin. The related treatment is not-invasive and does not require any specialized operator.

Beauty Vibro Plate Plus:

These programs on the machine

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are conceived in order to match re-juvenating sessions. ANTICELL/SLIMMING/TONING treatment session has indeed a total length of minimum 15 minutes, with higher and lower alternated frequencies. Beauty Vibro Plate PLUS works at low hertz, improves microcirculation and enhances the effect of photo-stimulation. Targeted solutions (anticell, slimming or toning).

1 Session$35
10 Sessions$200
20 Sessions$300
Unlimited Monthly$99/month